Whoozy Agency

We're An Audible Branding Agency 

We help brands capitalize on the emergent audio opportunity now as well as prepare for the future.
As we move more toward a sound activated world. Audible Branding is becoming more important than ever.


Sound Is Vital To Your Brands DNA

An audio branding identity  is much more than a sound playing every time the logo shows. Or some random soundtrack that works just fine with a commercial. No. An audio branding identity is the combination of all sound directly and indirectly connected to the brand. content, interface sound, software, hardware, events, video’s, customer care, retail and much more. At Whoozy Agency we know that. We go much further than standard production. We’re driven to reach audio’s true potential so that we can effectively empower your overall branding strategy.

As technology like Amazon’s Echo or the Google Home Assistant become more embedded in our daily lives, its becoming increasingly important for brands to create emotional connections without visuals, just sound. We are Moving More Toward A Voice-Activated World! Sound Is Becoming More Important Than Ever.

Ads with sound that ‘’fit’’ the brand are 96% more likely to be remembered then those with “non-fit” sound. And yet 83% of all the advertising communication we’re exposed to daily focuses, almost exclusively, on the sense of sight. That leaves just 17% for the remaining four senses. This while we rely so much on sound in our daily lives.

When the sound was removed from slot machines in Las Vegas, revenue fell by 24%. Experiments undertaken in restaurants show that when slow music (slower than the rhythm of a heartbeat) is played, we eat slower–and we eat more!

Reach it’s true potential. Business is never “just” business. It’s always about relationships. It’s always about a human connection. And you can empower this connection through audio. We work with you to further develop your content-driven relationships that keep you and your brand Top of Mind.